06th - 11th October 2016
bande annonce

Man repaired

Tuesday 06th October 2015 from 13h45 to 15h15
Salle 2 / Grand Amphithéâtre

Directed by
Matthieu Saintenac
Produced by
AB Productions - Docland Yard / Diff : Science & Vie TV, RMC Découverte

Documentary, France, 2014, 52 min

Competition High School

In February 2013, the American Drug Administration approved the placing on the market of the first bionic eye, already transplanted on a sixtyish of blind persons in the world. In December of that same year, an autonomous artificial heart was implanted in the chest of a patient suffering from late-stage heart failure. Then, in February 2014, a man amputated of a hand got his sense of touch back thanks to an experimental prosthesis linked to the nerves of his arm. 

Lately, prosthesis and high-tech implants have multiplied, replacing failing organs and limbs. Swift technological advances let us consider the advent of “machine-bodies” that we could change the pieces of, to fight against disease, accident or ageing. In the future, will medicine be able to fix men regardless of their pathology? Is tomorrow’s man going to be half human, half robot?


Debate with :

  • Matthieu Saintenac, Director
  • Serge Picaud, Researcher at the Institute of vision and Inserm research director