06th - 11th October 2016

Planet Ice - Greenland, A Journey Under the Ice

Monday 05th October 2015 from 10h15 to 11h45
Salle 1 / Auditorium

This film will be preceded by the short film The Secrets Held in the Ice, directed by Loïc Fontimpe and produced by Wild Touch.

Planet Ice - Greenland, A Journey Under the Ice

Directed by
Vincent Amouroux
Written by
Thierry Berrod et Vincent Amouroux
Produced by
ARTE France - Universicence - CNRS Images - IRD - Mona Lisa Production - Productions NOVA MEDIA / Diff : ARTE, Ushuaïa TV, TV5 Monde

Documentary, France, Canada, 2014, 43 min

Competition Middle School

Greenland, "Green Country" of the Vikings, carries a misleading name.

In winter or summer, most of this autonomous region of Denmark, four times larger than France, is covered with a thick armor of ice. We believe ice to be inert, but in truth moves. And in Greenland its own weight drags it towards the sea. Lately, this movement has tended to accelerate sharply, which over time will affect the level of the oceans. Each of us contributes to making this island the green country that it was thousands of years ago.

All around the world, millions of people risk paying dearly for this resurrection.


Debate with :

  • Vincent Amouroux, Director
  • Anaïs Orsi, researcher (CEA ) at the laboratory of climate science and environment (LSCE , joint CNRS -CEA - UVSQ)