06th - 11th October 2016
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Atome Sweet Home

Monday 05th October 2015 from 16h30 to 18h00
Salle 2 / Grand Amphithéâtre

Directed by
Vincent GAULLIER et Raphaël GIRARDOT
Written by
Benoit GIROS, Vincent GAULLIER et Raphaël GIRARDOT
Produced by
Ex Nihilo - Universcience - CNRS Images - Réseau Canopé, avec la participation de France Télévisions / Diff : France 5

Documentary, France, 2015, 52 min

A coffee machine, a platypus, and we humans are all made of the same raw material: atoms. Our Universe and everything it contains is an assemblage of atoms that are billions of years old, continuously recycled since the Big Bang.

If everything is made of the same matter, what is the difference between living things and non-living things? What is it that distinguishes us from a coffee machine if our nature is purely chemical?

This film tells the story of a man and an omniscient being – his “atomic conscience”, set off to understand atoms. What are they? Where do they come from?


Debate with :

  • Vincent Gaullier, Director
  • Raphaël Girardot, Director
  • Benoit Giros, Director
  • Jean Duprat, Researcher in Cosmochemistry, University of Orsay / CNRS