06th - 11th October 2016
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The Great history of the brain

Friday 13th October 2006 from 13h30 to 15h15
Salle 1 / Auditorium

Directed by
Philippe Calderon
Produced by
BFC Productions

Documentary, France, 2005, 52 min

Everyone wants to know more about this organ in charge of long sacred mystery. Experts propose to manage, improve, repair, or even feed it. Without wishing to pronounce the word, some scholars consider the brain as the substitute for the soul. The more materialistic see it the secret of being, the tabernacle of our intelligence, as well as our emotions and our passions.


Debate with :

  • Philippe Ascher, professor at Université Denis Diderot
  • Alain Berthoz, director of the Laboratory of Physiology of Perception and Action, College de France / CNRS