Actualités membres 2010


Documentaries, Biodiversity & incarceration


AST partners with Prison Service of Integration and Probation and The Association Les yeux de l’ouïe to organize a week of documentaries broadcast in the la Santé remand centre in Paris.

Meeting of the sky and the space


The 7th meeting of the sky and the space, organized by the French Association for Astronomy, will be held from 11 to 14 November 2010 at the Cité des Sciences.

Death of Benoît Mandelbrot, father of fractales


The mathematician Benoit Mandelbrot, whose work has focused on fractals, died Thursday, Oct. 14 at the age of 85.

The Incredible Journey Of The Butterflies... At the Emmy Awards!


The Incredible Journey Of The Butterflies is nominated at the 31st Annual Emmy Awards for News & Documentary, representing NOVA (PBS, USA), in the Outstanding nature programming.



A french think tank about scientific mediation.

Movies at Inserm


Inserm Île-de-France is organizing a cine-debate on reproduction and birth, Thursday, June 10th 2010 at 8pm.

Decline in biodiversity: is it serious?


Lets talk about it! The great public debates by CNRS with the Musée du Quai Branly and the Mairie de Paris.

Plank reveals new images on stars creation


Launched in May 2009, Planck has not celebrated its first year in orbit yet, though it delivers significant results already.

"Secrets de plantes" on Arte


The four episodes will be broadcast on May 21st and 28th 2010.

"Mort(s) de la rue" (Dead(s) from the street), on France Télévisions


Broadcast of the film by Jean-Louis Saporito, Tuesday 20th April at 8:35pm on France 5 and Saturday 24th April at 3:25pm on France 3 Normandie.

Mini festival immuno


A day to discover how the body fights again microbes on May 5, 10am - 6pm at the Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers.

Beyond Fears and Progress


How to cultivate innovation?

"A world without Madmen?" on France 5


Broadcast of the documentary by Philippe Borrel, April 13, 2010 at 8.35pm on France 5.

"H1N1, our viruses have a future" on France 5


Broadcast of the documentary by Patrice Desenne, March 23rd at 9:35pm on France5.

Café Santé Inserm


Around the book by Marc Jeannerod « Le Cerveau volontaire » ("The voluntary Brain") on March 22rd at 7pm at the Café des Editeurs.

All around Neuroscience!


March will be all about the brain! On this occasion, the communication services of Inserm in Île-de-France offer several events open to all.

"Naica, the crystal cave", on Arte


Broadcast of the documentary by Ruben Korenfel, March 6th at 8:40pm on Arte.