The Association Science & Télévision (AST), created in 2001, is a group of 70 independent producers working for 37 different production companies based in France. These companies produce films in all genres (cinema and TV fiction, documentaries, magazines, reports, animation) and a large portion of their output is devoted to scientific productions. Together, they produce the vast majority of scientific programming broadcast on television in France, much of which also circulates abroad.

The President is Fabrice Estève (YUZU Productions).

Under the high patronage of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the National Centre for Cinematography (CNC) and the Procirep, the AST carries out a number of initiatives designed to promote scientific programmes on television and foster international co-productions. Its purpose is to act as an interface between international producers, institutions, researchers, film-makers and television networks.

  • Professional forums;
  • Breakfast meetings with commissioning editors;
  • Production case studies;
  • Master classes with scientists... enable member producers to meet players in the fields of media, politics, science and institutions...
  • Active participation in international forums, Sunny Side of the Doc, World Congress of Science and Factual Producers, Hot Docs, etc. The AST has created a network of producers with an international scope and organizes exclusive encounters between local producers and delegations of AST producers during international conferences.
  • The association organizes the Paris-based international science film festival, Pariscience, which is aimed at a general audience, as well as professionals and students.