06th - 11th October 2016
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awards and juries 2015


Jury Science Television

Axel Kahn

Fabienne Chauvière

Charlotte Uzu

General Practitioner, director and screenwriter

Hematologist and medical geneticist Axel Kahn is a doctor of science, medicine and research director at INSERM. He directed the Cochin Institute (2002-2008) was President of the University Paris Descartes (2007-2011) and the Commission's Research University of the Conference of Presidents (2008-2011). His research focuses on molecular genetics applied to the study of hereditary diseases, including hematologic and those of the mechanisms of differentiation and regulation of gene expression. He is also known by the public for his positions on cloning, GMOs or genetic testing. He is the founder and editor of the journal Medicine / Science ( 1986-1998 ).

Science journalist , producer of the show " The Savanturiers " on France Inter

Journalist, agribusiness specialist, space and energy, Fabienne Chauvière starts at France 3. On France Inter, she co-produced and hosted for 5 years "Le bouillon de dix heures" and then, only, "Sur un petit nuage", "Tous terrains", "48.52 Nord" and "Tout s’explique" the science program of the summer, alternating with Denis Cheissoux . Since 2008 she has been producing "The Savanturiers " where she interviews women and men of science every Sunday at 10 am, to understand better the world of today and prepare the future.

Producer, Les Films d'Ici 2

After a Master’s degree in art history and anthropology in Canada and Mexico, a post-graduate degree in documentary production and a European Master’s degree in interactive program production, Charlotte Uzu started her career in audiovisual and cinematographic industry within the companies Le Poisson Volant and Les Films d’Ici. In 2003, she was in charge of the international funding for all the documentaries and fictions of Les Films d’Ici until the creation of Les Films d’Ici 2 where Charlotte is a producer and associate. By associating several producers’ generations, Les films d’Ici 2 aims to perpetuate, develop and pursue the ambitious producing work of fictions and documentaries, which started with Les Films d’Ici in 1984. Charlotte Uzu intervenes regularly within the framework of trainings, workshops and juries in France and abroad (Femis, Ina, St-Denis-Paris 8, Alba, Beyrouth, Talentdoc Bolivie, JCC Carthage, Dragon Forum Krakow, the Cinéfondation residence of the Cannes film festival, the IDFA forum of Amsterdam, Extravagant India Film Festival of Paris, Cinemundi Mostra Cine, Brasil, Docs DF, Mexico …).

Grand Prix AST - Ville de Paris

Prize awarded by the Mairie de Paris (City Hall) to the best film in competition. > €7,000, half for the executive producer and half for the director

Mapping the Future

Produced by a&o Buero Filmproduktion
Directed by Jakob Kneser & Pina Dietsche

Special Mention

The end of Memory

Produced by ARTE France - ZED / Diff : ARTE
Directed by Vincent Amouroux

Buffon Prize

Prize awarded by the Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle (Paris Museum of Natural History) to the best film about Biodiversity. > €2,000 to the director


Produced by Science & Vie TV - AB Productions
Directed by Blandine Josselin

Audience Award

Prize awarded by the audience and Science & Vie TV.

Rosetta the comet chaser

Produced by ARTE France - Look at Sciences / Diff : ARTE, RMC Découverte
Directed by Jean-Christophe Ribot


Jury Grand Ecran

Thomas Lilti

Irina Belykh

François Beauducel

General Practitioner, director and screenwriter

Son of a doctor, Thomas Lilti starts to turn into medicine at 16. Passionate about cinema, he directed, 3 short films during his studies and presented them to various festivals dedicated to students. GP, he is also writer and director. He directed his first movie in 2007: "Les Yeux Bandés". In 2014, he directed "Hippocrate", the journey of a young intern in the public hospital, for which he has been nominated in Césars in 2015 in the categories: Best Director and Best Original Screenplay.

Programming director of the Contemporary Science Film Festival

Irina studied linguistics in MGLU (Moscow State Linguistic University) and filmmaking at VGIK and New York Film Academy. Since 2004 Irina has been working in acquisitions and international coproductions of documentary films. In 2007 she joined Russian Pay TV provider AKADO as Head of Acquisitions, and created Kinozal 13, a TV channel dedicated to independent cinema. Currently Irina works as Programming director of Contemporary Science Film Festival. CSFF has been created in 2011 and takes place every year in Moscow. Apart from Moscow the festival travels around the country, organizing about 7 - 10 editions in different cities every year.

Geophysicist at the Institut de Physique du Globe of Paris

François Beauducel is a geophysicist, researcher and professor at the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris. He is an engineer and he joined the academic view and becomes Doctor of the University Paris Diderot in Internal Geophysics and holds a Habilitation Research in the Sciences. Specialized in the study and monitoring volcanic and seismic zones, he focuses mainly on instrumental measurements and numerical modeling of ground deformation, to the physical processes of hydrothermal systems in volcanic area, the interactions between volcanoes and earthquakes, and the development of operational tools for monitoring and predicting eruptions. His current targets are the Merapi volcano in Indonesia, Etna in Italy, La Soufrière in Guadeloupe and Piton de la Fournaise on Reunion. Besides formal education he gives at university, he contributes to the dissemination of knowledge through educational and outreach activities such as public seminars, presentations in schools, regional and national media, and several documentary films.

Prix Grand Ecran

Rewarding a film of the Competition Grand Ecran. > €2,000 to the director

Alice cares

Produced by KeyDocs - NCRV
Directed by Sander Burger


Jury Student

Student Award Ile-de-France

Prize awarded by the Region Ile de France to the best film in Student competition. > €2,000 to the director

L'Or rouge

Produced by Vivement Lundi !, avec la participation de France Télévisions / Diff : France 3
Directed by Philippe Baron


Jury High School

Thierry Caillibot

Michèle Garlatti

Responsable du Pôle Télévision

Chercheure et chargée de médiation scientifique, Inserm

High School Jury Prize

Prize awarded by the Inserm and handed over by three high school classes to the best film. > €2,000 to the director

Rosetta the comet chaser

Produced by ARTE France - Look at Sciences / Diff : ARTE, RMC Découverte
Directed by Jean-Christophe Ribot


Jury Middle School

Christine Watanabe

Mioara Mandea


Responsable du programme « Terre solide » à l’Observation de la Terre / Direction de la Stratégie et des Programmes du CNES

Middle School Jury's Prize

Prize awarded by the CNES and handed over by three middle schools classes to the best film. > €2,000 to the director

Solar Impulse, Across America

Produced by Gédéon Programmes - Solar Impulse - Science & vie TV / Diff : Science & Vie TV
Directed by Eric Beaufils