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Urine Superpowers

Wednesday 08th June 2016 at 10h30 - Arte

Pariscience Selection 2014

During our lives, each of us will have produced 38.000 liters of urine, the equivalent of a large tanker truck. Despite the importance of this matter, urine remains taboo.Many of us are oblivious to the fact that our first months of life were actually spent swimming in urine.

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Why are women shorter than men ?

Tuesday 07th June 2016 at 16h25 - Arte

Pariscience Selection 2013

We will investigate a scientific enigma and overturn some basic assumptions about the male and female bodies.Women are smaller than men, or, depending on your viewpoint, men are bigger than women. That is a given. So why aren’t men and women the same size? 

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Odyssey of the Continents - Europe : The Modern Era

Saturday 04th June 2016 at 17h20 - Ushuaia TV

Pariscience Selection 2012

“Europe : The Modern Era” breathes relevance into ancient geology and traces an extraordinary history to show that the old world is in fact very dynamic.
The episode also features stories about superb Scandinavian fjords and those volcanoes about to erupt. Throughout the show, dazzling computer graphics will reawaken and bring to life Europe’s spectacular continental evolution.
Comprehensive investigation leads researchers to understand that just a few million years ago the Mediterranean was actually a vast desert!  “Europe : The Modern Era” will take the audience back to the birth of the Alps. The traditional “Cristalier” clans who have been unearthing crystal for centuries explain to us how these huge summits evolved over a period of millions of years. Retrieving these gems requires huge risks and fatalities occur every year in treacherous mountain fissures.

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