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75020 Paris
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Manuel Catteau

Président - Producteur

Valérie Abita

Productrice, Présidente de l'Association Science & Télévision

Christine Le Goff


Created 16 years ago, ZED is a leading independent producers and distributor of high profile documentaries, specialized in adventure, ethnology, nature, science and history programming.

We produce for major French, European and American broadcasters and most of its programs are financed through international co productions. ZED was nominated by the French independent producer's association (Procirep) as one of the 10 best French TV producers in 2004, 2005 and 2007.

produced films

Amyu, the army of wasp-men

In the depths of the Amazon forest, North of Brazil, Beptoy and Baka are two young Kayapo aged 20. It is time for them to become strong and brave men, as Kayapo warriors have always been. Urged by...

Jaglavak, prince of insects

On the Mandara Mountains, Cameroon, Mofus have a unique relationship with insects. Predatory and carnivorous ant, Jaglavak, the prince of insects, is feared for its power and toughness. In the...