Camera Lucida

4 Cité Griset
75011 Paris
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François Bertrand

Dirigeant et membre fondateur, producteur

Valérie Grenon


The editorial line of Camera Lucida is to cultivate what creates pleasure, while developing critical thinking; to let growth ideas of filmmakers, with, as a fertilizer, the artistic sense, peculiarity and know-how.

Camera Lucida wants to be a pioneer in all creations for all units (documentaries, magazines, youth, fiction, on any format) and a hybrid entity, developing projects in all environments, broadcasting, film and multimedia.

produced films

Chernobyl, a natural history?

On April 26th 1986, reactor n°4 at the Lenin power station in Chernobyl went out of control, leading to the consequences we all know: radioactive fallouts contaminating huge pieces of land, the...

The School of Medicine

How does one become a doctor? These students are between 17 and 30 years old and are our future doctors. Every day, they climb a step further towards the objective they have set for themselves, but...