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Fabrice Papillon


Scientifilms is an independant French production company, which provides science documentaries and broadcasts for major French public and private channels, but also for public and private companies dedicated to science, medical research or engineering.

Our aim is to promote an understanding of the factors in the social, genetic, biological, medical, psychological, physiological, cultural, technological, and ecological fields that had, have or will have an impact on human life. Science is understood in the widest sense of the word.

produced films

The gut, our second brain

Also in Student Competition A few years ago, scientists discovered the existence of a second brain in our body. There are 200 million neurons in our belly! Researchers are just beginning to...

On the yeti trail

For the first time in more than a century, legends and sometimes crazy testimonies are the subject of real scientific studies. Several teams around the world, in Denmark, in England, in the...

Patients of hope

Sometimes qualified as "human guinea pigs", the patients of hope allow the medicine to progress by accepting to get involved in experimental protocols. Pioneers in their field, they test a device,...

Health Under Pressure

For the first time, this documentary describes the whole French system of health, without limiting itself to emergency units or to hospital. At the end of an 18 month-long inquiry, this film...

Jean Loup Chrétien - The Making of a Hero

"526 seconds can change a life... When Soyouz extricated itself from the atmosphere, on June 24th, 1982, I vibrated as the cabin sending me to the sky. Through the porthole, the Earth is black as...

Axel Kahn, be reasonable and human

Who’s behind this extraordinary mediatic scientist? We think we know this man always in a hurry, workaholic, man of political fights and great communicator. He gives the image of a geneticist...

Corals deciphering climate

The film follows the most important coral scientific mission on Tahiti, Southern Pacific. The scientific are looking for new answers on global warming. The research and its results engage in a...